Growing Your Gardening Skills

If you've recently (and by recent, I mean two or so years) moved into a new home with a backyard, you may have thought about landscaping or adding a garden bed. When I bought my house, I knew that I wanted a beautiful backyard, but I also wanted a renovated home. 

I decided to exercise my common sense and invest my time and money into the more significant portion of that asset, the house itself. Flash forward three years later, and I find myself overwhelmed with my frumpy backyard. 

Thankfully, my husband mustered the energy to regrade the lawn and plant new grass, so I only had to worry about what flowers would look good. Or, so I thought. My mother kept beautiful gardens when I was a child, but I didn't contribute beyond pulling weeds. My lack of expertise in cultivating a flower garden was a little daunting, but I was ready for the challenge. 

Before I got my hands dirty (pun intended), I decided to conduct a light Google search to see the basic steps ahead of me. If you're interested in planting your own garden, check out the list below that outlines what I found: 

  1. Decide what type of plants you would like to grow. I prefer flower gardens, but veggie gardens are great too.

  2. Choose a location. I picked the backyard since the light is better and it's quieter (less traffic noise).

  3. Pick the best location for your garden beds. Don't forget to call digger's hotline!

  4. Invest in essential garden tools. I purchaed mine from Amazon!

  5. Test your soil. I almost skipped this portion, but it's crucial if you're planning to fertilize.

  6. Prepare the soil. If you're creating larger beds, I suggest renting a tiller from your local garden center.

  7. Choose the right seeds or transplants. Make sure to select plants that are meant for the environment you've chosen.

  8. Water the soil and add mulch if desired. Make sure to mound your mulch, so it doesn't touch the plant's trunk.

Good Luck!

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