Spring Has Sprung

For those of us who are Midwestern natives, we’re familiar with the term false Spring. Each year, the snow begins to melt, a few rays of the sunshine peek through, and maybe a bird or two is brave enough to let out the first few calls of Spring. The encouraging environment can be tempting to slide into but also rather dreary to retreat from. To avoid the pain of regret and broken dreams, Midwesterners buckle down for another snowstorm or two. 

Fast forward a few weeks, and Spring has finally arrived! If you’re a homeowner, like my husband and I am, you know that the sweet springtime comes with a few strings attached. Yep, that’s right. It’s time to check in on your home and see how it fared throughout winter.  

Knowing exactly what you’re supposed to do as a homeowner can be confusing. In the age of information, you can find almost anything online, including lousy advice. The prescribed Spring treatment of your home will vary based on location and the age of the house itself. To best care for your home, it’s a good rule of thumb to reach out to your Real Estate agent for a seasonal maintenance checklist (or, check out the graphic below!). 

The basics of spring maintenance are:

  1. Look over your roof to spot any broken shingles or general damage (sometimes, this can require professional help)

  2. Schedule a fireplace inspection for wood-burning fireplaces

  3. Clean your gutters and make any necessary repairs

  4. Trim trees and shrubs, add a layer of mulch to flower gardens

  5. Turn on exterior water access

  6. Powerwash exterior (make sure to check pressure settings to prevent damage)

  7. Touch up external peeling paint/repair vinyl siding damage.

  8. Clean dryer vents and change furnace filters

  9. Repair any wear and tear on window seals

  10. Schedule an appointment with an extermination company if you see ants &/or termites

  11. Clean AC unit


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